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International Academy of Social Sciences (IASS)

sapere aude

Journal of Alternative Perspectives in the Social Sciences JAPSS ISSN 1944-1088 (print) ISSN 1944-1096 (online)

Journal of Asia Pacific Studies JAPS ISSN: 1948-0105 (online) ISSN: 1948-0091 (Print)

International Conference on Education, Culture, and the Arts

Gulfport, Florida (October 8, 2022)

City of Gulfport: Gulfport Casino Ballroom

5500 Shore Blvd S, Gulfport, FL 33707

11 AM to 5 PM



  • International Academy of Social Sciences
  • National Academy of History and Geography of Mexico
  • CUGS University of Mexico
  • Institución Universitaria Colegios de Colombia UNICOC
  • Instituto Superior de Lisboa e Vale do Tejo (Portugal)
  • Universidad Católica San Antonio de Murcia (Spain)
  • Journal of Alternative Perspectives in the Social Sciences


  • Antigono Gallery
  • Fundacion Transformacion en Tiempos Violentos

Conference Chairs:

  • H.E. Professor Otto F. von Feigenblatt, Ed.D., Ph.D., President of the International Academy of Social Sciences and professor of education, Keiser University. 
  • The Honorable Michael Fridovich, Councilmember, City of Gulfport

Dress Code: Business Attire

Keynote Presenters: (10 minutes per presentation)

1. H.E. Dr. Ricardo Martins, President of the Pedago Education Group (Portugal)

Title: Preparing Entrepreneurial Leaders for the Success of Family Enterprises

2.Honorable Samuel Henderson, Mayor of the City of Gulfport

Title: Introducing Gulfport

Virtual Presentations:

1. Title: Physical Activity Levels in Higher Education - Current Perspectives and Future Directions

Luís Branquinho a,c,e, Ricardo Ferraz b,c, Joana Ribeiroa,e, Sandra Santosa,e, Jorge Arede a,c,e, José E. Teixeira c,d, Pedro Forte a,c,d,e

Authors affiliations

a Department of Sport, Higher Institute of Educational Sciences of the Douro, Penafiel, Portugal

b Department of Sport Sciences, University of Beira Interior, Covilhã, Portugal

c Research Center in Sports Sciences, Health Sciences and Human Development, CIDESD,

Covilhã, Portugal.

d Department of Sport Sciences, PolytechnicInstituteof Bragança,Bragança, Portugal

e CI-ISCE / ISCE Douro, Penafiel, Portugal



Book signing

Art Exhibition titled "Art and Education" sponsored by the International Academy of Social Sciences. Dedicated to teachers