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International Academy of Social Sciences (IASS)

sapere aude

Journal of Alternative Perspectives in the Social Sciences JAPSS ISSN 1944-1088 (print) ISSN 1944-1096 (online)

Journal of Asia Pacific Studies JAPS ISSN: 1948-0105 (online) ISSN: 1948-0091 (Print)

Journal of Alternative Perspectives in the Social Sciences (JAPSS)

Volume 10 Issue 2 May 2020

Training strategies for strengthening teacher competencies

LIC. Junior Rodrigo Durán Martínez

LICDA. Melania Vargas Revilla

LIC. Alejandro Monge Salazar

Prospective analysis of phytoremediation species for agricultural soils contaminated with cadmium in Mosquera – Colombia

Angie Alejandra Quiroga-Santana

Oscar Rodriguez-Velasquez,

Daniel Augusto Acosta Leal

Karina Susana Pastor-Sierra

Camilo José González-Martínez