Journal of Alternative Perspectives in the Social Sciences - JAPSS ISSN 1944-1088 (print) ISSN 1944-1096 (online)

Previous Conferences: (Thailand 2010, Costa Rica 2011, Palm Beach 2015)

Sponsor Organizations: 

  • The International Academy of Social Sciences (IASS)
  • Journal of Asia Pacific Studies 
  • Concilum Research Group, accredited by the Universidad Complutense (Madrid, Spain)
  • Forum for Public Relations and Communication (Madrid, Spain)
  • Spanish Iberoamerican Society for Communication (Madrid, Spain)
  • The Florida Delegation of the Royal Naval League of Spain (Madrid, Spain)
  • The Palm Beach Chapter of the Order of the Knights of Rizal
Florida Global University (Miami, Florida)
1400 NW 107th Ave #300 FL 33172 United States of America
Topic for the Conference: Leadership and Governance
  • Business
  • Education
  • Communication
  • Government
  • Development
Conference Chair: 
Dr. Otto F. von Feigenblatt, Count of Kobryn, Royal Academy of Doctors of Spain

Honorary Cooperating Professors:
  • Prof. Dr. William J. Jones, Mahidol International College (Thailand)
  • Prof. Dr. Angelo Anthony Sedacca, KM
  • Prof Dr. Nurlan Namatov
  • Prof. Dr. Kerim Mirlan
  • Prof. Dr. Nurlan Namatov
  • TBA

Scientific Committee: 
  • Prof. Dr. Deepak Paliwal, Ph.D., Uttarakhand Open University
  • Prof. Dr. David Caldevilla Dominguez, Ph.D. Universidad Complutense (Spain)
  • Dr. María Elena Del Valle Mejías, Ph.D. (Venezuela)
  • TBA
Keynote Speakers:

  • TBA

Types of Presentations:
  • Traditional Presentations: 10 Minute presentations based on research papers
  • Virtual Presentations: Pre-recorded 10 minute presentations based on research papers
  • Poster Presentation: Tri-fold presentation based on research paper (recommended for junior scholars)
  • Non Profit Organizations: 10 Minutes Presentations based on practice
Registration Fees:
$100 for traditional, virtual, and poster presentations

Free registration for approved NGOs

Entry fee for participants: FREE

*Registration fees include publication of papers in conference proceedings (digital) and the best papers will be chosen for publication in a special issue of the Journal of Alternative Perspectives in the Social Sciences. Certificates of participation will also be provided for presenters. 
Registration Instructions: 
Conference Registration (Miami, 2016)
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Position/ Title (Fellow, Professor, etc)
Type of Presentation
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Group Presentation (for organizations and NGOs)
Mailing Address
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Proposal Title
Would you like to have your proposal considered for inclusion in the special issue of JAPSS?
Short Curriculum Vitae including brief list of publications
Comments and Concerns
Presenter Registration
Includes a print copy of the special issue of JAPSS if paper is selected for inclusion
Price: $100.00
Presenter + Membership (IASS)
Registration and membership in IASS (miniature medal and certificate)
Price: $200.00