Journal of Alternative Perspectives in the Social Sciences -  ISSN 1944-1088 (print) ISSN 1944-1096 (online)
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The Journal of Alternative Perspectives in the Social Sciences and the Journal of Asia Pacific Studies
        Both Journals are published by the Guild of Independent Scholars and its affiliated organizations. The goal of the journal is to give voice to independent scholars and practitioners from around the world. JAPSS favors a multidisciplinary approach to social problems and strives to provide an open forum for the deliberation of ideas by the international community of scholars and practitioners. As an open license publication, JAPSS is distributed for free electronically and for a nominal fee in printed form through the print on demand system.
           Articles for publication are chosen by double blind review in the case of research articles, by invitation for the opinion/reflection section, and by consensus of the editorial board in the case of book reviews and critiques. Thus, JAPSS is both a peer-reviewed publication and an opinion journal. By providing two methods for publication, the journal can take advantage of the objectivity provided by peer-review and the flexibility and insights of position papers.
We are currently calling for papers for volume 6, issue 1 to be published May 2014.
Advanced undergraduate students, graduatestudents, young practitioners, and young scholars are strongly encouraged to submit their papers. Qualitative and critical research will be prioritized.
Share your research by submitting your papers.
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